How far will you travel?

We will travel anywhere and everywhere. Though we have travelled extensively throughout the world enquiries for space travel are encouraged. Trains are our favoured (and ecologically sound) mode of transport, but of course cars come in handy too. 

How long do you play for?

For a standard booking we usually play two sets of 45 minutes (or 3 x 30 minutes), we can play for longer or shorter periods depending on your requirements.

Can I request songs?

Any song is simply a notes and lyrics on a piece of paper, you can request any song you like, just give us a couple of weeks notice. If it’s a song we hate we're probably not going to play it. But definitely feel free to ask.

What is the Cash Cows Extreme?

We work with a large group of extremely talented musicians, drummers, horn players, fiddlers, you name it we know them. On request we can expand the usual Cash Cows duo to for The Cash Cows EXTREME. So if you want a 3 piece horn section we can bring it, you want drums? We got em. Just let us know your dreams and we will endeavour to make them come true!!!


Do you have any special dietary requirements? Would you like a drink?

As long as its delicious we will eat it, although we do love steak. Champagne is our drink of choice, we are The Cash Cows after all.

Do you have your own PA?

We have a very compact PA system that we can bring for gigs of up to 100 people. We are happy to liaise with hire companies in your area and help arrange local PA hire for your event. This ensures that the PA is set up and ready prior to the start of the event and can be used for speeches or music after we have left.

What are your power requirements?

This depends on amplification: acoustic, we need no power, with the small PA, two plug sockets. Obviously the bigger the PA the more plugs.

What will you wear?

We have a variety of stage apparel but suited & booted is our default setting. Generally, we are very flexible so if you want us to match your colour scheme just ask.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

We are covered up to £10,000,000 and can provide a certificate if required.

Can you DJ?

Yes! We are both very experienced DJs and can spin many fantastic tunes to keep the party jumping after our live sets.

Is it a real moustache? How long did it take to grow?

It is a real, bona fide, award-winning 'tache! Officially the 2nd best in the UK. Robbie has been growing it for 17 years.

Is it a 'cello? Is it heavy? 

It is a double bass. It is heavy, but Brendan is exceedingly strong. It fits in most cars and regularly travels by train, tube and bus.